Dulceatte products are extracted from Blue Agave Tequilana, a plant which grows long and fibrous leaves, with a lanceolate shape and a slightly blue color.



Dulceatte Agave Nectar is a premium organic low fructose sweetener, extracted from the Blue Agave Tequilana plant. It is an excellent sugar substitute, ideal for everyone who wants to enjoy sweet flavors in a healthy way.

Dulceatte Agave Nectar contains traces of Inulin (pre-biotic soluble fiber) that improves the digestive system and it has a Low Glycemic Index.   It is adequate for consumption for people affected by diabetes type 2 and obesity problems.


  • It contains traces of Inulin (pre-biotic soluble fiber), which stimulates the growth of the intestinal flora.
  • It is suitable for people affected by diabetes type 2, due to its low glycemic index (slow blood absorption).
  • It is optimal for a weight control diet, thanks to its low calorie content.
  • It is easily metabolized by the human organism.
  • It does not induce dental caries.
  • It is recommendable for pregnant women and babies.
  • It improves the gastrointestinal motility.

Advantages of Dulceatte Agave Nectar over other natural or artificial sweetners:

  • Agave nectar is subjectively perceived by the consumer to be 1.4 times stronger in its sweetening effect than regular sugar.
  • It is high solubility makes it easy to mix with food and beverages at any temperature without crystallizing.
  • It offers a neutral flavor and enhances the natural taste of the ingredients it is combined with.
  • Fructose content: 90% to 96%.


365 ml. (504 grams) Dulceatte Organic Agave Nectar (Amber) Ideal for bakery, meats, coffee, hot cakes.
365 ml. (504 grams) Dulceatte Organic Agave Nectar (Clear) Ideal for dressing, fish, tea, cocktails.
4000 ml. (5.5 kg.) Dulceatte Organic Agave Nectar (Amber) Ideal for bakery, meats, coffee, hot cakes.



DULCEATTE INULIN (Prebiotic soluble fiber)

What is Inulin?

Dulceatte Agave Inulin is an organic soluble fiber defined as a prebiotic, also known as a fructan, which means that it is not digested by the enzymes in our digestive system and can arrive intact to the colon , stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria, which makes the intestine an adverse environment for unwanted bacteria.

Dulceatte Agave Inulin is extracted from the Tequilana Weber Agave plant and it comes in a highly soluble powder, with a neutral, clean, and mildly sweet flavor.

Benefits of using Dulceatte Organic Agave Inulin:

  • Agave Inulin (pre-biotic soluble fiber), stimulate and increase the intestinal flora. Herefor the bifido-bacteria is activated, which inhibits the cultivation of pathogenic bacteria (E.Coli, Shigella and Salmonella).
  • Organic Agave Inulin increases calcium and magnesium absorption.
  • Effect on lipid metabolism ( how the body process’s fat ).
  • Dulceatte Agave Inulin has a minimal impact on blood sugar, is not insulemic, will not raise triglycerides, making agave inulin a low glycemic product.


  • The majority of inulin being used today is from chicory root, which contains about 15% inulin while agave plants contain up to 38% inulin.
  • Global Industry Analysts Inc. (GIA) reports, “Prebiotic fibers are rapidly rising in popularity within the functional food market, thanks to their vast applications in dairy products, health drinks, nutrition bars, breakfast cereals, beverages, bakery products, meat products, mineral supplements, weight loss products, green foods, infant food, and pet food.
390 grams  Dulceatte Organic Agave Inulin Ideal for  bakery , ice-creams , fruit juice , health drinks, nutrition bars
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